too busy

the weeks are flying past.  I can not believe February is almost over.
i am home with ma and the family for the weekend, mmmmm trifle. 
My ma makes the best food in the world. 

Uni starts tomorrow.... mixed feelings about that one.
I cried all the way home yesterday, there is somethings about a 4 hour lonesome car drive that always get to me.  Way too much reflection and analysing time. 

I am a crazy passionate person and i cant help but feel everything at a crazy magnified level. 

I want so much for myself and everyone i love, its just so hard to keep the balance and stay in a happy place. 

Home is a happy place, my nephews always make me smile.  They are so cute, Bailey the little precious rubs his nose on you and then a huge smile appears.  Loving nose kisses.

Off for pancakes and more trifle.  Yummmmmmmmmmie.

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