sunny morning

i am up early to get my shit sorted and all i have done so far is some blog reading and facebook stalking.
Terrible.  And my dog just came up to me and vomited on my foot..... really nice start to the day. 

i had a lovely girls weekend away and i am feeling very refreshed from all the couch lying and attempted book reading.  The weather was horrible but it made way for a lot of over sharing with new found friends.  I have no idea why i do it but i find myself yapping away about every detail of my life.  Its mostly the shocking and embarrassing stories that pass my lips.  At the time it didn't bother me but on reflection it may have been a little too much for first time encounters.  I hate hindsight.  It gives me anxiety. 
Note to self:  do not recall conversations and analyze them, it only brings terrible thoughts. 
It happened, its over, let it be.

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Anonymous said...

Amber - what you said brought a lot of joy to us.. and hello did we not all share my dear friend! Those of you who judge you for having fun and living your life we not on the girls weekend away, hence why you will always be more and more than welcome to come anywhere with me at any time forever! Love you!.. LC

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