i love the feeling of accomplishment, uni done for another year and the house is all sparkling  

i admire people who can change careers to pursue the life that makes them happy

i dislike all the waste in the world.  And freaking out about getting closer to 30.  Labels we put on people, JJJ is annoying me with this bogan segment 

i want to achieve finding a part time job.  Thinking a little more positive and finding the good in everyday

i am reading Rocks in the belly - Jon Bauer

i am craving a big warm hug 

i want to change too much.  On a personal level i need to stop fretting about the little shit.  As pops would say 'stop and smell the roses'

i want for tomorrow a sunny day

i want forever the big question... but its kinda simple:  Love, adventure, healthy positive relationships, a job i truly want to get up for every day.  Lots of memories, i need to do more, be more creative, be more spontaneous and carefree      

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