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I have a love hate relationship with sleeping... it annoys me when i have to stop what i am doing and go to bed.  Seems like a waste of precious time, i would prefer to plug myself in or change the batteries.   

This shift work is making me restless, i work evenings or weekends lately which is rendering me with a lot of alone time.  Me and alone time are not great friends, it makes me a little weird.

Being home Monday to Friday in daylight hours should be more enjoyable, i am finding the highlight of the day is..... (its so lame)  hearing the mailman driving down the footpath.

The sad thing is the mail box is almost always just full of junk mail.  I don't know what i get so excited about finding.  I am a touch worried because i get a little irritated if he is late.

Sad fact two:  I am feeling a connection with Yumi, Ding Dong and Chrissie (aka Swannie)

I need to get out more.

I think uni fried my brain and its in recovery mode, well i am hoping my mushy brain will get back to its normal self.   

Cosbe is rashed up again, a trip home to ma and my little man is in extreme high maintenance mode for the next few days.  Fenergan crushed in sardines, baths, creams and constant supervision so he doesn't scratch all his fur off.

Ma is right - how would i ever cope with a child.

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