i love that it is FRIDAY!!!!!  But i have to work til 11pm, terribly unfair

i admire this is tricky. Mosquitoes. The sneaky little things have covered my legs in welts.  I thought i had killed them all but they persisted through the can of raid and got me while i slept.  Outsmarted by an insect

i dislike the wind, but it is making my chimes play a lovely song

i want to achieve world domination.. no no my little blog is not going to make a scrap of difference to the world.  So today i want to achieve something realistic like being content with what i have.  Appreciating all the people in my life and how important they are to me and my happiness.  Aww how corny

i am reading  nothing - transition phase, finished the Glass Castle and trying to find a new book club book.  The Glass Castle was very good, i highly recommend you read it

i am craving the beach.  Sand in my undies and all i would just like a lazy, carefree day in the sun and a touch of floating

i want to change can’t be bothered thinking about this one, too much to ponder

i want for tomorrow adventures

i want forever a pack of pups.  i am on my way i have 2.  25 - 30 to gather.  Downside: lots of dog poo, i hate dog poo

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