feeling guilty & i am a tool

I never realised how petrified i am of spiders. 
I found out this afternoon when one GIANT spider was hiding in my shoe...

I screamed and it ran on its hairy long legs around my room.
The thought of it lurking in my room forever made me slightly ill so i killed it.

It would have been a bad death because it took 5 minutes of spraying to slow him down and then a few blows from a shoe.  I squealed the whole time, like this spider was going to attack and kill me. 

The tool bit is a result of my traumatic spider encounter and the fact that i am now going to be late for work.
I ran to the car, hit reverse and smashed my front fence onto the footpath.  Nice

The lawn mower man had closed the gate....
It was to heavy for me to move, so i left the pile of bricks and rang Jeese who was at work to help...  Of course he didnt understand the severity or need for the call but listened while i blabbed my story through sobs.

Made it too work and inspected the car, few dents and scratches.
My brother said killing spiders is bad luck... i think he is right

Ambs - 1 spider death 
Spider revenge - 1 bunged up car & 1 ruined fence

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