Experimenting with selfies. Iphone only capture. This photo makes me feel peaceful.
Lunch break blogging is amazing!


Katerina said...

haha I'm glad to see your love of blogging has prevailed over the need to be productive ;o)
You've heard, no doubt, of Christy's In the Picture project? http://www.urbanmuser.com/p/in-picture.html
Guess you'll be joining in? You should - that pic is stunning xox

esra said...

A beautiful experiment. Lovely processing. Are you joining Urban Muser's 'in the picture'?

urban muser said...

love this shot! it's gorgeous. you should join my self portrait project this year! http://www.urbanmuser.com/p/in-picture.html

hey that's funny, i didn't even notice the last 2 comments gave a shout out to my project until i was about to hit "publish"!

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