pretty birds

- i have become a terrible blogger - life has gotten hectic - mammoth working days (how i miss my flexible working hours.... i will never complain about my chosen career EVER again... call centers are borderline soul destroying...) - anxiety from the chaos and lack of coping mechanisms -  living out of a bag (the pain of not living with my love) - work christmas party's - free alcohol - dreadful hangovers - beautiful wedding - pretty new dress - lovely 30th with a surprise engagement!  - christmas shopping - presents to wrap YAY - overgrown lawn and a filthy house - neglected puppies - rolls of undeveloped film - smiles for christmas - home sweet home i miss you - four more sleeps - xx - AND i deactivated stinky facebook! yay me -


katsicles said...

Been thinking of deactivating wastebook myself in fact - I lug it around all the while knowing it's useless to me anyway. But then there's the whole needing it in order to log into sites and such - pain.

Yay for the return of Cosrard & PenPen!
Missed your presence popping up around the place.

(Even snuck in earlier today for a quick snoop at some of your old posts for a mini fix)

Can't wait to see what all your undeveloped rolls reveal… awaiting with bated breath.

urban muser said...

you got engaged? congrats! love those bird shots.

flutterhappy said...

;D I love the pretty photos! I tried deactivating my FB, too. Only for a short time. ;D

Emily said...

Love your bird pictures, i love the different effects you have on your photographs. Ive been looking at birds on my blog too: http://emzishere.blogspot.com/2011/12/eye-in-sky.html


esra said...

Gorgeous pictures! love them all.
Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your undeveloped rolls.

have a happy holiday!

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