long time no blog

I have only blogged ONCE this month! Terrible. I have been out and about loving life and study free days.

A quick update:
- New job in a call center, complete with headset! It was exciting the first day but i am dreading the next three months of full time work there.... customers can be sooooo rude and horrible.
- new BIKE!!!!! she is amazing. i called her Peggy. thank you my love. best surprise ever!
- we finished season 4 of MadMen :(
- two mini breaks to the beach! pics above taken in Rye
- 6:15 wake ups are draining the life out of me
- i have ants all over my desk... weird
- craving mexican. mmmmmmmm margarita
- dreading christmas shopping
- i really do not want to do the dishes, wash my clothes and clean the house. ahhhh vacuuming how i hate you


Vic said...

I think these breaks are necessary! loving how well you're living it up and those beach photos are simply lovely! i like peggy---let's see a pic please, hehe!
congrats on new jobs and oh how i hate ants! booogers

georgi said...

peggy is a cute name for a bicycle! i love the 2nd to last shot. beautiful. x

kate said...

considering living was the title of your last blog post... i think that's what you've been doing...! and enjoying every moment.

this is one of things i love about google reader - a post will come from someone even if it's been awhile and it's a lovely surprise and treat.

Anika said...

that image of the water with the sky and the divide is wonderful..i am in love with it.

nice to see you back :) It's nice to break once in awhile though, eh?

esra said...

Good to have a break!
Beautiful pictures...m favorite is the third one. It's so gorgeous.

katsicles said...

You turn the ordinary into the exraodinary with your captures my sweet.
Love what you've been up to and that Peggy of yours is a beauty!

Mmmm… tacos & margaritas - wanna take a trip to Taco Bell soon?

Lyndall said...

Ooh, those beach pictures look so lovely! We had a little beach getaway the other weekend and it was so nice... I want to be able to dip my feet in the sea every morning!

Peggy is such a cute name for a bike! I'm looking forward to the new season of Mad Men when it finally comes out next year~

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