- i have been loving gimp (my newest creation is above)
- i almost died completing the 100 workout
- i have been stressed out to the point of palpitations and migraines
- i am watching what i eat (boring and annoying)
- i found a new stretch mark (reason for workout and attempted diet)
- i am watching in treatment season two. LOVE
- i ate half an amazing vegan cupcake. blissful citrus goodness.
- i purchased the prettiest baby dresses from pure baby
- i applied for a job

xx a


Louise said...

awesome image, well done :)

Let It Be Raw said...

I think stretch marks are beautiful and womanly. I fought a battle with them for a long time (I was even doing the stupid P90X every day) but then I eventually accepted them. Now I run/walk to feel good.

Let It Be Raw said...

In response to your brownie question: From what I hear/understand, because I haven't actually been able to do it myself, the bottom of the roll needs to be anchored in securely so the film will stay taught. There are some online tutorials, but I won't know for sure until I can test it out myself.

ally said...

Loving the gimping - I really should try that one day
Pure baby make gorgeous stuff!
Good luck with the job
(And don't stress)

Alli said...

Your gimp picture looks great. I'll have to check out pure baby :)

katsicles said...

That 100 workout is madness but it gets easier I promise.
Meanwhile i gained a hundred kgs on this holiday and an arse that is almost the size of Texas! (My guts aren't far behind).

Back on the summer grindstone we go…

p.s. Your gimping is looking great xx

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