much love

I’ll eat you up, I love you so”.

- that my placement is finally over! - that i finished an assignment yesterday - trentemoller and his amazing tunes - brown creaming soda - this print - and this print - this story (nature can be so cruel, so i don't actually love it... but i wanted to share it because i read it weeks ago and still think about it) - words with friends (slightly addicted to another iPhone app!) - having someone to love with all my heart - the cute wolf print above - a spare moment to blog, i have missed you so.

Much love monday is over at Anna's  lovely blog

xx a

p.s i found this print on a tumblr.... name of talented person lost forever - any ideas on artist?


jody said...

i love the wolf print and 'where the wild things are' quote!
Happy Monday! xx

Catherine Denton said...

I love the Dark print. The whale story was sad. :( Glad you had a spare moment to blog!
My Blog

lisa said...

What a sweet post Amberlee!
Glad your placement is over.
Now time to relax a bit (?)

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