learning the Diana Mini

Sharing some information i found really helpful.

The best way to ensure that you get good results your first time is the following:
1. Buy the camera with a flash so that you will be able to take pictures indoors and in low-light. 
2. Use standard color negative (not slide, not true black and white) film. Color negative black and white films like Kodak BW400CN are OK. In fact, I highly recommend BW400CN. 
3. Do not switch formats in the middle of the roll. The camera can handle it, but it will confuse most mini-labs. Decide ahead of time whether you want to shoot square-frame or half-frame. They both have their advantages. Square frames will confuse the labs because of the extra space around the pictures. Half frames will confuse the labs because there are two pictures per standard frame. Either way, they are more likely to be able to handle them if you don't switch in the middle of the roll. I recommend you start out shooting square frame until you learn how to line things up in the viewfinder. 
4. The MINI gives you many focusing options - fuzzy, fuzzier, and really fuzzy. Don't worry about focusing. Just stick the focus in the middle and treat it like a point and shoot. 
5. The Sunny/Cloudy symbols are calibrated for 100 ASA film. If you're shooting anything faster (which you probably will be) just leave it on cloudy all the time. 
6. Don't forget to remove the lens cap.
7. Don't use the "B" setting in daylight. 

This guy is a genius! I came across these amazing tips on a flickr discussion.

Do you have a Flickr? Or Lomo?  I would love to be friends. Mine are here and here.


Hey Harriet said...

Thanks for sharing those tips! I don't own a Diana mini (just a regular Diana), but really hope to own one some day soon :)

urban muser said...

i don't have one of these but they look like great tips. can't wait to see more.

Anika said...

It's such a pretty camera. I tried the diana lens adapter kit for my DSLR and it really turned out poorly. I have a Holga I quite like...many of the tips here apply to the Holga too except #1 being carry a roll of duct tape with you to close the back ;)

Little queue said...

These are really great tips especially 4 and 5.

J.L.B said...

Cette photo est vraiment parfaite. Les couleurs ressortent bien, l'effet est magnifique. J'aime beaucoup (:

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