i thoughts

i love - discovering lane ways full of beautiful street art.

i admire - more like admiring... and wanting... and need to have... one of these.

i dislike - that i am blogging, when i should be studying.

i want to achieve - balance.

i am reading  - ummmmm my new blog!I have crossed to the dark side... yep a tumblr.... and i must say i really like it. Perhaps a little too much. Like i needed another thing to be addicted to. 

i am craving - a hug from ma.

i want to change - the current state of the house, huge mess surrounding me.

i want for tomorrow - smiles.

i want forever - sweet memories.

i am happy - that it is my last semester of uni.

i am grateful - for the yesterdays that have made my today so wonderful

The little quote tag is from instinct and grace


Stampmouse said...

nice post.

by the way received your postcard from kat's postcard swap. very lovely.

Lyndall said...

I love these posts ♥

Anika said...

sweet post, i like.
Also, I just got one of those fuji instax {the wide} and am loving it!

Penny said...

Last semester for me too...yay to hopefully successful graduations :)

Brandi said...

Sometimes you need to take a break from studying and enjoy other aspects of your life, it helps keep you sane. I tell the same thing to my boyfriend, who is working on his PhD in Bio Chem, all the time.

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