flattered or used?

So today i put a little thing way down the bottom of my blog about using my photos... blah blah blah please link back to this site.

A few hours later i saw a little tumblr pop up on my referring websites, further investigation and there was my photo. With some added text.... and 87 re-posts/notes! The first one was linked back to me (thank you) but none of the others. The joys of tumblr.

It is a photo i really like... but i am not sure if i would ever want to sell them. So is this like internet fame without the acknowledgement?

Ho hum.

I am now pondering: to water mark or not to water mark?

It is so much hassle (i am busy.... or lazy... or both).

Has this happened to you?

Is it something i have to accept as a result of pimping my photos around the internet?

So i am left feeling flattered and slightly used.  I am taking the positive!

Happy thoughts.  xx a

P.S my new obsession is turquoise

It is here if you are wondering. and here and here


georgi said...

i really dislike watermarks..some totally detract from the picture. having said that I can totally understand why you would .. and I'd be flattered! x

urban muser said...

i know it's happened to many others, not sure if it has happened to me or not. i am currently too lazy to watermark. if i ever decided to start selling my stuff i would probably watermark.

ps-glad to hear you have ideas about the smile project!

Penny said...

it has never happened to me (ok headless style blog shots not so popular :P) but I think I would be confused as you!

katsicles said...

hmm not sure how to feel about that one.
Mostly I'd be flattered - I'm sure that's how most pics online get around but... it's a bit of a crappy feeling when you see your works popularity growing but there's no recognition for your efforts.
That's the trouble with the internet, so many beautiful artists get lost in the wide world of the web, its hard to give credit where credits due.... annoying.
What is it with tumblr though, why does it happen there so much in particular???
Great to see your work spreading though.
I've always thought it was fantastic. xxx

marjorie rose said...

It's sad to have to put watermarks on your photographs. I'd wish that people would just properly credit the image to its rightful owner. This sucks..

chie said...

My apologies if I used your pic without properly asking your permission.
However, I posted your pic with a link. I always do that if I'm using images owned by other people. Anyone clicking on the pic will be redirected to your awesome blog.
I really hope that's ok with you. :)

~Becky~ said...

I've thought about watermarking mine, but then I wonder, who really looks at mine and are mine any good that people would steal them? I dunno.

How did you find out that yours were being used?

amberlee said...

Thanks for the feedback guys. I think watermarks are for the pros! Just going to hope for links back.

Chie - it wasn't you that got me thinking, it's the tumblr repost. I love that you used my pic! Thanks for the link and sweet word.

Becky - I was blog stalking and hopping... As always!

Kat - not sure about tumblr... I think it reposts from the last person not the original

Hope you having a wonderful day xa

Lyndall said...

That's why I like pinterest better, because it preserves the link to the original image no matter how many times it gets repinned. If I see a photo without credit on tumblr, and I know who it belongs to, I usually reblog and add the right links/information in. If it was something of mine I'd probably be half flattered, half annoyed, heh!

katsicles said...

hmm... its a shame and a little thoughtless.
Oh well take heart that you're images are being loved. Like little children set forth in the world...
I still think there needs to be more on internet etiquette though. Naughty Tumblrs.

Susannah said...

There are so many photo sites now where people repost photos, and the initial credits get lost. I was so against watermarks for ages, think they detract from the image, but in the end I decided to watermark to protect my photos. Photo sources are too easy to 'get lost in translation', and now I am so used to looking at photos with watermarks I don't notice them, and it is good to be able to go straight to their site to see more photos if I see the website on a photo I love!

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