i thoughts

i love - editing photos.

i admire - hard workers. 

i dislike - that i over think everything! And make them into issues in my little mind... Last night i was convinced something dreadful had happened to my Ma... Two days and she hadn't answered the phone. Turns out she was out... with friends... being normal... unlike me :(

i want to achieve - i say it all the time but i really want to be content with me, everyday, and not question my ability to achieve the goals i have in place. 

i am reading  - nothing of interst to the general population. Biochemistry notes.... i LOVE enzymes. Nerd.

i am craving - beer, ciggie, beer, salt and vinegar chips..... repeat. 

i want to change - my schedule, i am all over the place. I need some order.

i want for tomorrow - sunshine and happy thoughts.  

i want forever - this one is bothering me..... i am not in the mood to answer this today. 

i am happy - for a breakfast catch up with three ladies i miss so much.

i am grateful - for a few days off to visit my ma and meet a precious little bundle of adorable.  


katsicles said...

Have fun up at your ma's. love love xx

katsicles said...

i love... that I can have a drink with you on Monday.

i admire... that you'll be able to join me after such a long drive back.

i dislike... that i have to wait 2 whole days till we can make it happen.

i want to achieve... drunkeness.

i am reading... your blog.

i am craving... a drink.

i want to change... my wanting into a having.

i want for tomorrow... to be Monday.

i want forever... the joy of your company.

i am happy... that this will happen soon.

i am grateful... for your friendship xxx

Miss E said...

This is a lovely feature. I'm hanging for some time with my ma too, but with me in melbourne and her in Broome, it won't be until december!

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

hey there.

finding contentment with yourself is SUCH a worthwhile ride to get on.

really enjoying your photos.

Lyndall said...

I love this post!

I totally overthink EVERYTHING and worry so much too. If someone doesn't answer the phone it obviously means they are either dead or hate me. Heh!

Penny said...

I do not only overthink in my mind, I also tend to overanalyze in my conversations making the other person across me often irritated!
craving for...smoked beer! I ve never had one before- and it's so delicious!

marjorie rose said...

hmm.. curious..

I read too, nothing of interest to the general population, anatomy and physio.. bio and romance novels. weird mix. weird.

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