walking around Ma's pretty garden

Out the back - Ivy

I have been home for almost three weeks!  And i have not been on my little blog for ten days.  How i have missed my little world.  Lots has been going on, busy times for Ambs.  I have been looking after my Ma since she had her total hip replacement.  All i have to say is oh my, how wrong was i thinking that it would be a good opportunity to plan for next semesters teaching, blog to my hearts content, take photos all day, wander the country side, read my book and relax.

I have been cleaning, cooking, splitting wood, cleaning up the yard, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, doing dishes, washing clothes, looking after my nephews, taking ma to appointments and grocery shopping. Just to name some of the things that are eating up all the hours of the day.

I am drained but so happy that i can help my Ma when she needed me.

I was hating it the first week, but i have settled in and its all ok now.  I am having mixed feeling about heading back to Melbourne in two days.  I will miss Ma, my home sweet home and seeing my precious nephews all the time.  They are adorable.

Catching up:
- on July 1st i turned 29.  Nan made me a sponge and we had pizza for dinner.  I didn't take any photos :(
- my amazing friends got me a Diana mini!!!!!! YAY. My lusting for this little precious is finally over.
- i have had an array of old cameras given to me by various family members (will post more very soon) too much to tell.
- i have heaps of ideas for my little blog.
- i sent off my postcards for the art swap.
- i LOVE John and Kate plus 8 and 19 and counting.  I am kind of obsessed with these large families of late.... I have no idea why....  Weird.
- my new favorite colour is yellow
- i am addicted to mint flavoured dark chocolate
- three dogs are a lot of hard work.  Lucky i love and adore them.

I split and stacked this wood!  Go me.

I took a few fence photos... 

Photos taken with the cross process app on Audrey.  I have heaps of other photos.  These are the quickest to take and upload.  I hope to edit my digital shots and develop my film soon.  I am so excited about the photography adventures i am planing.

Wowzers it's 1:28am...  It is so past my bed time.  I still need to shower.

I got way too carried away playing around with my new look.  You like?

happy times xx a


Lyndall said...

Happy birthday for July 1st! Sponge cake is the best birthday cake, isn't it? I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with your new Diana and all the other cameras!

And wow, great job with splitting all that wood! Chopping wood is hard work! I grew up in a house with a wood fire, and the best I could do is snapping sticks into smaller sizes, hehe.

SamanthaJoy said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had an awesome day!! I am so excited to see all these photography adventures of yours!!!

rosieposie said...

wowzas your home is so pretty!

happy birthday for the 1st, i hope you had a lovely day. it sounds like even though you haven't been able to do all you wanted to when you were home, you have been really inspired which is great. and you're right, it's wonderful you were able to do that for your mum.

i know it's a little sad you are coming home now, but i for one have missed your blogging when you were away <3


Anika said...

Happy late birthday to you...i'm doing some catching up on the computer as well ;) That's wood chopping is pretty intense - Go you INDEED! As always, am loving your photographs...such nice composition and lighting to them all, eye candy.

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