Thelma, Connie or Audrey

Three potential iPhone names: Thelma, Connie or Audrey.  I like them all, i cant decide.  Once she is named i will get her a nice new cover or case or skin or whatever.

More photo pairs from the last few weeks.

1. The hallway and my bros room
2. My love can cook, yummy pizzas
3. My feet with cans and coloured grass.  I love these two photos.

Happy friday dearest peoples xx a

P.S linking up with Pasando, i was just having a little look at her blog and it reminded me.


jody said...

Great pics! I like all those names but think i like Connie the best!
Happy Friday! x

Marta said...

I think I'd choose Audrey :)

I like the middle pair of photos, it's a before and after yummy pair of pictures!


Anika said...

I just love coming over here for some eye candy...I really like the way your mind and eye work together. LOVE this collection and the way you paired everything up.

My vote goes to Audry too...mostly because I want to see what dress you put her in ;)

rosieposie said...

thelma or audrey gets my vote! x

Anonymous said...

I am all for Thelma :)

katsicles said...

Audrey is my fav x

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