I have so much to catch up on, the last few days have been busy.  Hope dinner planning, hope dinner partying and then hope dinner recovery... 

A little hope dinner overview:

 ❣ 1 x amazing spit (thank you Ronni)
 ❣ 1 x delicious punch (thank you Kat)
 ❣ 3 x beautiful salads (thank you Mel and Karly)
 ❣ 1 x clean deck  (thank you my love)
 ❣ 2 x gas outdoor heaters (thank you Briz)
 ❣ lots x wonderful people 
I am still heavily addicted and mildly obsessed with Instagram, its just so amazing!  I have so many photos to share (very sorry if you have already seen them), so i have paired a few of them.  I think they look lovely side by side.  

1. The sun setting two ways.  I was walking the dogs.  It is so hard to hold them both and take a photo.
2. Aldi lollies i have been loving 
3. My lemon tree out the back 
4. Sweet treats, one healthy and one not so healthy. I adore my little rose plate. 
P.S the little heart symbols have stuffed up my formatting, and i cant be bothered fixing it. 


urban muser said...

yes, i agree. love the pairings! i am mildly obsessed with IG too.

Lyndall said...

I love Instagram :) And that cake looks so good!

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