i thoughts

i love that i got my good camera out the other day, i have missed her. Photos to come.

i admire my Ma.  Three days post hip replacement and she is up walking around and showering herself.  Its amazing how well she is coping.  

i dislike spiteful, nasty people. Its just not necessary. Keep your hate to yourself please. 

i want to achieve completion of this semesters marking. These histology exams are taking me forever.  Mega drainer.

i am reading (going to start reading) My new book club book - The Slap

i am craving couch time, movie watching, home made sweet treats, vanilla milkshake and some time with friends (i miss them). 

i want to change my waistline - almost 3 months of not smoking has left me 3.5 kg heavier.  Not happy.  It must go really soon.  Detox can start.... Monday.  Why do i always plan these things for Mondays?

i want for tomorrow to relax and just be, no deadlines or have to do lists.  

i want forever that happy with my life, blissful love, butterflies in the tummy feeling  

i am happy that i reconnected with a dear friend. 

i am grateful for hot cups of coffee, warm cuddly jumpers, long showers, brown creaming soda, flowers (not gerberas, i kind of hate them...), clouds, the radio (jjj i love you!), and the new Bon Iver album (so amazing beautiful).  

Happy weekend dearest ladies and maybe gents (i wonder if guys read my blog?)

Linking up with Maxabella loves today to share my grateful for things.


Anonymous said...

It's great to know that your mom's doing so well!!
Must also be because of your good company xx

Lyndall said...

So glad your mum is doing well! I hope she continues to have a great recovery :)

Anonymous said...

oh I forgot to leave my name (first comment)...
you know it's your friend, the only "goldfish" around. LOL

p.s i looooove this yellow rose!!! So pretty!

jody said...

I really hate gerberas too!
But I like your grateful list, lots of lovely things, especially music, it always makes me feel better, i have been listening to alot of The National lately.
Feeling similar about my expanding waste line and think i might look into this couch to 5k thing i see people talking about..
hope you have a good weekend. xx

Maxabella said...

So pleased to hear that your mum is doing so well. My mum had her hip replaced last year, so I know a bit about what your mum is going through. Cheers to a speedy recovery for her.

I loved The Slap!!

Start today. Not Monday.

You've inspired me to reconnect with a friend I have in mind too. Thank you. x

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