yellow love

More flower and tree and sky photos, i think i need a new subject!

How do i manage to see and photograph so many yellow flowers? But I do absolutely love this yellow flower picture.  The lighting I love, the mood I love, the composition I love, the colours I love.

I must say I am very pleased with this little darling.  If I had to pick a photo to describe me at the moment, this would probably be it.

I hate to put a question in my post, its not really me.... but today i am very curious, this little brain has been pondering....

Dear lovely people,

Do you have a photo like this?
A photo that is completely you?

love, a xx


Neus said...

wowwww!!! What a good photos, the last one is great!
I don't think I have a photo is completely me... :)
About your comment:When I watched Austalian or NZ blogs on December I was felling the same, thinking why I have to be here with so much cold and everybody seems to be in the beach?

rosieposie said...

no i don't have a photo that is completely me, or even one that captures exactly how i am feeling at the moment. i have a lot of poems that do exactly that, but i am quiet new to experimenting with photography!

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