mixed bag

Today i am feeling all over the place, i have had a mammoth two weeks of life. Jam packed with learning, stress, sleep deprivation, sadness, joy, realisation, achievement, love and that proud aunty feeling. More detail:

LEARNING - placement has been wonderful! i have learnt so much from my amazing mentor. I can not thank her enough for sharing her wealth of knowledge with me.

STRESS - lesson plans... yuck... they must be the worst aspect of being a student teacher. They are so time consuming and detailed. I have done to many to count over the last two weeks. Further stress has come from the class content, year 11 and 12 biology is rather advanced and very detailed.... i have been cramming.... plant reproduction is not a strong point of mine.

SLEEP DEPRIVATION - mostly because of the above mentioned lesson plans and cramming. I have not been this tired for ages!

SADNESS - i felt so very sad today when i read this post over at the lovely m.e it made me miss my Dad..... I completely agree: sometimes its hard.

ACHIEVEMENT - two weeks of placement done! which included over 1000 minutes of teaching observations, over 700 minutes of teaching and countless hours of school related activities.

REALISATION - teaching is the career for me, i love it!

LOVE - my nephew loves me so much, he told my Ma that he is going to get a tattoo of a transformer with my name under it. What an angel! It is so wonderful being loved and adored by him.

PROUD AUNTY FEELING - my little nephew (same one mentioned above) got three ribbons at his athletics school sports day! Made me fill up on the inside with that great 'i am so proud' feeling. What a little champion, love him to bits!

Jye and his ribbons xx

Thought i would link up over at maxabella loves, i am very grateful for the last two weeks and all the things i experienced.

xx a

P.S i had to share this link


Maxabella said...

Thanks for linking up, Amberlee. I was also saddened by Cathie's post. Life seems so unfair sometimes, as I am sure you have felt. Too much.

Your nephew is gorg (I think I've said that before! He might think I'm a weird old lady stalker or something!) x

BOB & MABEL said...

Reading your post makes me remember being a student teacher. It was so hard but I just loved it and during that time realised how much I wanted to teach. Can't wait to get back to it.
Your nephew is a cutie!

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