i love photos of pretty flowers

i admire passion

i dislike the late nights studying that are becoming very frequent. Its not cool when you go to wipe mascara off.... only to realise its dark bags around your eyes.....

i want to achieve a wonderful week on teaching rounds, i have so much to learn from my amazing mentor. Fingers crossed for a good lesson tomorrow morning, double biology period 1&2. I just finished my lesson plan.... must get to bed very soon.

i am reading the year 11 and 12 biology text, biology related websites and of course my favourite blogs. Bookclub book is not getting done again this month.... not happy

i am craving a lazy day free of responsibility, dumplings (i crave these almost every day), a night out with my amazing friends that i havent seen for ages (miss your pretty faces)

i want to change my productivity... these late nights and early mornings are ridiculous. There must be a way to get it done quicker????

i want for tomorrow a smooth running day full of learning

i want forever to never study again! This is it, uni is done come October!!

i am happy for my dear friends band, they won a competition last night. So very proud of you, you guys were amazing. (new addition to the 'i' list)


jody said...

Hope you get that lazy free day soon, sounds like way too much studying for my liking! go get those dumplings yum! x

rosieposie said...

oh i like this post! i am studying hard at the moment too for my degree finals URGH. and i love pretty flowers too :-)

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