grateful for...

I have had a horrible few days of studying.  I get so lost in the details that I cant focus on what needs to be done. My mind swirls and the tasks at hand seem so unbearably daunting. So now i turn to hoping it will all be just fine. Hope - i have always liked this word (considered getting it tattooed on me for a while), i am in love with the idea of it and its meaning at the moment (thank you Google define):

'Hope is the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life'

I will finish these assignments, it always seems that I do.  My ma keeps reminding me that this happens at the end of every semester... i freak out, i cry, i write my essay.. repeat.

This week i am grateful for hope, Google define (I use it all the time, my English is questionable) and the amazing generosity of my friend i posted about the other day.

Happy Studyday  (hehehe.. i am too funny)

xxx a

I am linking up with Maxabella loves. Its nice, i always feel a little bit happier after i do my grateful post.

P.S I am very grateful for my Ma too. I could put her on my grateful list every week. She is wonderful, the poor dear listens to my rants about life being so unfair on a daily basis at the moment.  So grateful.

P.P.S I am also grateful for the pretty leaves around at the moment, i like taking photos of you.


Naturally Carol said...

It seems as though a fear of the exam itself just blocks out everything else from your mind when you study...perhaps try to think about what you enjoy about the subject and just read remembering why you wanted to know about it...dream about what you want to do with it as well...all the best!

rosieposie said...

oh how nice to see the actual definition of hope. it's horrible how exams and university and assessments turn us into such a mess of a person!!

i like the tattoo idea too. i really want a tattoo but i haven't yet decided what is special and significant enough

Alli said...

The best thing I found with essays is just to start, sounds silly, but the longer I put off starting the worse the essay seemed to be. As so as you start at least something is 'on paper' & you have somewhere to begin from. As writers say, you can always edit bad words but you can't edit a blank page.

Hope would be a good tattoo to have. My friend has faith across his neck. It looks cool, but a little too out there for me.

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