computer dislike

I consider myself a pretty able computer and internet user, however sometimes i get so angry and frustrated with this stupid little lap top and slow internet connection.

I also have realised that i am a little behind with the computer talk... 23 bit....62 bit... what??

I have tried for a few hours, yes hours to update my itunes.

Baby bro so kindly gave me his old iphone, but all my stuff was too old. I have had itunes issues for a long time, but i haven't had the need to overcome them. I have been clicking ignore update for a good while... maybe a year??

Few errors this evening:

- apparently my computer isn't 64 bit.... failed attempt x1
- my internet decided to fail and downloading file vanished x2 .... failed attempt 2&3
- version 10.0 wasn't good enough .... failed attempt 4
- currently downloading itunes (32bit). Hoping for a successful attempt 5!

EDIT: FAIL ATTEMPT x5... what is a .rar file!????????

Deary me, i am so exhausted from this and feeling very stupid.

So annoying! $%#* (i really want to swear, but i have decided this blog will be f word free).

In other news, lesson plans must be the absolute worst part about placement. Wish me luck for my biology lesson tomorrow: the formation of urine and excretion. Fun times for nerdy me, ahhh the human body amazes me!!!!!!!

love, love a xx


pocketwonders said...

Good luck tomorrow! :)

On another note: I noticed you mentioned 32 bit and itunes. I'm assuming from the 32 bit that you're using Windows 7? A word of caution -- I learned recently that itunes on a PC will leave your computer open to viruses. Silly that Apple claimes to be virus-free but then on a PC they leave you vulnerable.

Penny said...

good luck dear!i hope your week has started off brilliantly!
dont worry about computers- they are always bound not to work when they should!

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