i have a huge addiction to the internet at the moment....  i thought quitting facebook would decrease some online time but nope its been replaced with Flickr photography stalking, endless blog flicking and lomograph looking.

What is a women to do!  I am finding so much inspiration out and about the endless browsing options of the world wide web.  There are so many talented people in this world, maybe i should invest in a gallery... dream job will have to wait... must finish this silly Dip Ed.  

Anyway i have a lady crush..... i adore these images 

Photographer: chloe aftel 

photographer: chloe aftel

photographer: chloe aftel

photographer: chloe aftel

This link has a beautiful photo shot with photographer nirav (i cant access the photos to put on here).

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sarah{thegreendandelion} said...

these are beautiful!! i have the same addiction by the way :)... i spend too much time looking at pretty things on the internet, but i'd say it's mostly worth it wouldn't you? Glad to have you as a follower! :)

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