the plan

roses. taken by me

i am missing doing my numbers project...
its been a busy month! and i am so behind...
playing catch up today:

 - Washing (zero clean nickers)
 - Mowing lawns.  Why does it have to grow so fast?!! and why does baby bro have to be not so great with the manly house duties!!?!!  Shouldn't complain really he does cut and colour my hair...
- Bath dogs.  They are stinky! and my love wont let them in his new van for the drive home tomorrow until its done.
- Drive to the ATM that ate my card the other night and reclaim it.  So VERY annoying!
- Clean up wanderin jew... poor Cos is red all over, stupid allergies.
- Make Anzac bickies.. yum!!! Try not to eat all the raw dough....
- Clean out fridge.... additional growth noted on many items.
- Clean desk and organise uni notes...and attempt to think of witty and great ideas for the group assignment.
- Start marking Industrial Micro prac reports... maybe this can wait...
- Open Ann Frank...try to read at least one chapter.. book club epic fail this month
- Take photos of numbers 27, 28 and 29
- Resist the need to buy some lo-fi cameras online
- Try not to eat everything in sight
- Walk dogs
- Dishes, dusting, folding, sweeping, wiping, vacuuming, mopping... yuck!

ahhhh what a great day off.... sometimes i just want to be home with my Mum and not have to worry about being responsible and looking after my life...

I normally like lists but this one is scaring me a little bit... how much is a cleaner? Help needed.

Stop complaining amber..... your not the only busy person in the world with things to do!

p.s my dear nan made the napkin in the photo, its so old and all handmade.  I love it

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