much love monday

a heart shaped leaf - taken by me

I love that I got both my assignments in by the due date (5 pm today).  I could not have done it without my babycakes. I dearly love the support, the encouragement, the dinner drop offs, the listening ears,the sympathetic hugs and most of all I love that he can see through (and not take personally) the 'crazy chick breakdowns' and the tears, and the irrational phone calls.

To sum it up today i much love the people in my life that can get over the little shit, and see through the weird/strange/rude/depressed/not so great moods i have been in.

Thanks to all you people, you are truly much loved by me xx

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mei said...

what a pretty leaf :)

Penny said...

aaa so cute!! :)

Jo Black said...

beautiful :)

love jojo xx


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