a lovely evening


Last night I saw an amazing band - The Jezabels.  What a voice Hayley Mary has, i can not find the words great enough to describe how wonderful it was.  I kinda wish i was a little like her and maybe i have a tiny lady crush brewing.....  She is all kinds of lovely.  Have a listen to this track and maybe you will fall in love like i have.


I do have a few complaints about the who going out to see bands thing.  Tall people.  I understand they cant help their height, but why oh why do they always have to stand in front of me!  And just when you find a little peeping spot they move and block you off again.  Ahhhh the guy last night wasn't even watching the band, i assume he was looking for a pretty lady in the crowd. Rude and inconsiderate.  My second hate is talkers.....  do you even like the band? that is all i will say about that.  And lastly the pushy people that stick elbows into you and make you move, just because they need another beer.  

Well that was a large rant.... opps.  I should have moved towards the front with the die hard fans, the peeps at the back are out for a good night.  I however just wanted to get lost in the music.  

Don't forget all the niceness up the top.  It was spectacular!!!!  Thanks dearest Miss Kat for the ticket x

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