grateful for... dearest ma

pretty flowers taken by diminamu

this week i am grateful for

- my glasses - i haven't been that great at wearing them lately...  This week i have had then on all day, every day.  Goodness, they make a world of difference to my concentration and they have stopped my headaches.  I look like a super nerd (chunky black square frames) but it is all good (i am a scientist....).  My eyes are happy and i feel so much better for it.

- long phone conversations with my mum - i call her everyday and i am so grateful that she talks, and talks, and talks away to me.  How i miss my family.  The phone calls make me feel like i am missing out a little less.  There is a family dinner tonight..... its been 8 years but i still get homesick now and then.

- hot showers - its getting so cold, but a hot shower always warms me up.  I think a lot in the shower... and often run the hot water out... naught water waster! but its never intentional... I float away in my thoughts and forget about time.    

my cosrard. taken by me

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Vic said...

Nerdy is so in. Geek chic even. My glasses are all "barely there" 'cause I listened to the chic at the glasses place... never again! My next pair? Black & square & ace!

Lauren said...

what a great list! I've never had to wear glasses but the friends and family that do when they tell me exactly what you said about wearing their glasses...they feel so much better! what a great invention!

Maxabella said...

I wear glasses too... or contact lenses at least. I am too blind to get away without them. I like the way they look (but wear contacts because it bugs me to have something on my face all day... weirdo me!)

Your relationship with your mum seems extra special. That really brings a smile. x

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