day 6

i had a horrible morning

  1. i was at the receiving end of abuse from a fellow motorist, for apparently not being quick enough on the accelerator 
  2. i saw a lady riding her bike get hit by a car.  the poor thing crumpled up.  i was driving past but a few lovely citizens went to her aid
  3. my lesson was crap, i got really nervous and lost all my confidence because of a student who was mocking me 
  4. i have terrible writers block.... only 100 words down for my english and literature essay about my views and values regarding english teaching 

trying to think of good things

  1. my little bro just came home with home made treats from Ma!  Orange and sultana cake how i love you and adorable little cupcakes 
  2. i finally got some washing done 
  3. i got a nice bunch of flowers on my way home from work (and snapped a 6)
  4. still being strong and resisting the ever present cravings 

1 comment:

Blackbird Corner said...

Hello, just discovered your lovely Blog. Well done on 6 days so far. Look forward to checking up on you tomorrow to see how you capture "7".
Stay strong & thanks for the encouraging words on my Blog. Just what I needed.

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