Something amazing better happy over the next few weeks.  My poor cc is getting hit hard.  I have a crazy few weeks coming up.  Birthdays x 5... Valentines... Hens night x1...  Wedding x 1....

 My tooth hurts.  One of the big ones at the front.  I am a little worried it will turn black or need to be pulled out!  Ahhhh toothless is not a look i am willing to rock. 

I cant concentrate at the moment.

My house smells of wet dog.  Its so humid in melbourne.  I am not liking it one bit.

Found this cutie.  Couldn't find the artist link, i hate that.  

Boozy bookclub tomorrow night with my fellow book loving peeps.
Very excited! must get to bed to read a few more chapter.  I am hopeless with getting the books read in a month.

Made me laugh


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