its all over

Christmas and new years festivities are done and dusted! 

Rather a good one i must say: a lovely family christmas and a beach side new years.

Highlights: Punch, floating, beach strolls, ham, Nan's trifle, awesome present from Ma - Passport!  

World here i come.  It is rather depressing that I am 28 and never left Australia.  2011 is going to be my year for travel and exploring.  Japan is destination number one

Lowlights: Bull ant bites, sun burn, big hangover, absent boyfriend, 2 minute showers, sea weed.

Reason for hangover - punch and giant straws

 Delicious fruity goodness 

A little pile of sand made by one of the many hundreds crabs that call the beach home

 Beach walking

 The dreaded seaweed

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