i love that i am seeing The National tonight!  so massively excited!  and the support band i also love - The middle east.  Thanks baby bro for the wonderful Christmas present

i admire hmmmm people who sell the Big Issue

i dislike my alarm going off at 0520 this morning.  0630 starts are not a favorite

i want to achieve a few little personal goals...including  decreasing the amount of time i spend procrastinating and worrying about things i cant change

i am reading the same book... poor effort 

i am craving scones, jam and cream 

i want to change that dogs need to be walked.  It is such a pain is the bumIt is raining... to walk or not to walk?

i want for tomorrow an easy day

i want forever that feeling of butterflies in your stomach because your excited for what life has to offer and you are happy with what you have

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