up late

I get home with all this energy and drive to clean the house.... then i turn the lap top on. 
HUGE mistake
Its midnight and the house is still filthy.
At least the pups are snoozing on the couch and not running around crazy like.

My weekend:
Work Christmas party x 2
Free drinks and me make for an interesting evening.
All started well: dolled up, hair done by baby bro (amazing), nice dress, new bag and wearing my new love (little owl earrings).
In the cab feeling good, arrive and spy my favorite beer is the FREE beer of the evening.  What a joyous moment.  

So this is how the evening went: Peroni, chatting, Peroni, chatting, Peroni, Smoke, Peroni, Chatting, Peroni, Peroni, Smoke, Peroni, Dancing, Peroni, Chatting louder, Peroni in both hands, more loud talking, occasional fits of laughter and lots of over sharing, Peroni, Dancing, Peroni, D&M, Peroni, (oh shit only half an hour of free beer remaining), Peroni x 4.  Leave venue feeling pretty great but not like i was really drunk.

New venue: Pint of Bulmers.  I think it was the change of drink but dear me this is were it all gets a little fuzzy.
More D&M and lots of severe over sharing with new found BFF work chick...  I decide to walk home... from the city.  Being the classy lady i am the shoes had to come off.  Chatting with random people along the way, break new bag, spill contents of bag all over road.   Drop shoes countless times.  Somehow i must get a cab. 

I remember the following:  Taxi driver screaming at me to wake up... Stumble in the front door.  Dress will not leave my body, its way to hard to get off.  Wake up hours later on the couch:  Doors open, lights on and dogs sleeping all over me.  Great night

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