i love that my ma left a parting gift, a giant piece of silverside.  I know old fashioned you say but it is so divine when topped heavily with green tomato pickles (also homemade by ma).  What a wonderful woman she is.

i admire i might have to delete this in future 'i' posts.  Its just too had to have admiration some days.

i dislike that lost feeling i have going on the past few days

i want to achieve landing an amazing new job. Pick me

i am reading Rocks In The Belly (still).  I am @ pg 110 and enjoying it rather a lot

i am craving some me and jesse time

i want to change my bleak outlook to this month

i want for tomorrow The following series of events: walk the dogs, washing, work, salsas with Miss KiKi, maybe get a few more Christmas presents out of the way and finally home to a good nights sleep.

i want forever good friends and more wonderful memories

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