Uni is finished for the year!  What a MASSIVE relief.  It has been a struggle at times but I have made it half way to being a high school teacher.
Now I have all this time on my hands, at first it was lovely but now the temptation to sleep til lunch time is very strong. 
I am looking for part time work, and the past week have been caring for Penny post hip surgery and an added extra the washing basket is finally empty.  Its so nice to see those clothes again, it has been a while.
But I need a project... something crafty, or arty, or perhaps volunteering???
 I did see a nice little trick to cover cushions the other day.  And I happen to have two little cushions Cosbe ripped to shreds that need a little love and attention.  Who could have thought you could use old shirts for such a good use?  I am very impressed with my super savers two shade of green check shirt and it was only $3.99 bargain I must say.   
Now to dust off the sewing machine Ma palmed off to me last visit.  I was annoyed at the time, something else to clutter my life with, but I am now delighted with my new future sewing project options.  Surely sewing cant be that hard...?
Ma is constantly giving me stuff she no longer needs or feels bad for not using.
The list is huge but mostly consists of kitchen things, salad spinners are one of her favorites.
I should not complain because she also buys me amazing little dresses, keeps me stocked full of laundry powders, sprays, clothes baskets (last count was 5), toothpaste, panadol, tea towles. body wash and countless cleaning products... I  am rather luck to have a thoughtful Ma so I figure I just keep taking the salad spinners and various other items to keep the peace, and as annoying they are at the time they do come in handy.
How would I make my shirt cushion covers without a sewing machine??  Thanks ma


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katsicles said...

You're always welcome to throw a salad spinner my way. I've been after one of those for ages ;)

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